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Clifton Strengths Assessment

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We will review Clifton Strengths and how it helps employees understand and embrace one another's motivations, needs, feelings, behavioral tendencies, and thought processes. We’ll also look the natural talent of the individuals on the team and the collective strengths of the team.
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Course Curriculum

Gallup’s Strengths | Part 1
Your natural patterns of thoughts, behaviors and feelings are what make you unique. Learn how to tap into your top talents as we explore Gallup's Strengths.

  • User Agreement
  • Introduction
  • Identifying Your Talents
  • Engagement & Strengths
  • Conventional Approach to Personal Development
  • Strength-Based Approach to Personal Development
  • 34 Themes
  • Walking Through

Gallup’s Strengths | Part 2
A deeper look at the way we “show-up” in our talents and gain awareness of the most effective ways to work together.

Clifton Strengths Documents

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