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Mastering Coaching Skills in Social Services

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Coaching skills empower case managers to actively listen, ask powerful questions, and set meaningful goals for clients. Incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion principles helps address biases and barriers, aiming to improve individual and community well-being.
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Welcome to Mastering Coaching in Social Services
Bright Places is excited to help you master coaching in this learning program.

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  • Welcome to Mastering Coaching Skills in Social Services

Introduction to Coaching in Social Services 1.0
Welcome, let's begin with exploring: The definition of Coaching Coaching in Social Services Coaching vs. Therapy and Counseling Coaching as a complimentary approach to case management The Benefits of incorporating coaching skills in client interactions and Ethical Considerations in Coaching within a Social Services Context

Understanding the Brain in Coaching Relationships 2.0
During this module, we will learn the principles in: Establishing Trust and Rapport with Clients Active Listening and Practical Communication Skills Setting Clear Boundaries and Expectations in Coaching Relationships Recognizing and Addressing Power Dynamics in Coaching Interactions

Core Coaching Skills 3.0

Applying Coaching Techniques in Social Services Practice 4.0

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in Coaching 5.0

Intercultural Sensitivity and Competence 6.0

Coaching for Empowerment and Resilience 7.0

Overcoming Resistance and Building Motivation 8.0

Ethical Considerations in Coaching Practice 9.0

Integration and Skill Application 10.0

Reflective Practice 11.0

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